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New Physical Activity Health Tracker now available through Aetna Personal Health Record

As part of Aetna’s ongoing effort to engage our members in achieving their optimal health, and to help support plan sponsor wellness initiatives, we are introducing a Physical Activity Health Tracker that resides within the Aetna Personal Health Record (PHR). 

It will allow members to track the time (minutes) they spend performing an activity under five categories: “Cardiovascular,” “Mind-body,” “Sports,” “Strength Training and Toning,” and “Other.” Using this tool can motivate people to stay involved in fitness regimens by enabling them to see the progress they make toward their goals.

In addition, plan sponsors can choose to offer employees incentives for using the Physical Activity Tracker, bringing the number of Health Trackers that are eligible for incentives to five. (The others are: “Asthma Peak Flow,” “Blood Glucose,” “Blood Pressure” and “Body Weight.”)  Offering incentives can play a major role in raising awareness of online tools like the PHR, and help plan sponsors achieve their specific wellness goals by improving participation in fitness activities.

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Wellness in your business
June 2009
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