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Aetna Health ConnectionsSM: Disease management for overall health, not just chronic conditions

Aetna Health Connections (AHC) comprises a range of member-focused health support and information services that are provided by more than 2,000 Aetna-employed clinical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, wellness counselors, nutritionists and weight loss therapists.

Working with members and their doctors, these clinical professionals help coordinate each member’s care needs, help the member understand his/her doctor's prescribed treatment plan in order to manage a chronic medical condition and help the member learn how to embrace a healthier lifestyle.In addition, AHC includes a high-quality suite of user-friendly, web-based tools and health information resources.

Aetna Health Connections is a whole new approach to medical management, through which we provide members with the information and tools they need to help them stay well, manage illness effectively and get better faster.We create a broad understanding of each member, based on an integrated view of all their benefits, current health status and life stage. This helps us develop and connect powerful programs to each individual so they can achieve and maintain their personal optimal health.

In every health program we offer – targeting the full health continuum from well employees to chronic and seriously ill populations– we leverage:

  • Information and support that relies on the best, evidence-based guidelines of care.
  • Innovative technology and a view of member health that is far more comprehensive because it integrates member health information across benefits plans.
  • A personalized, “whole member” approach.
  • Targeted strategies to drive member engagement in personal health improvement and better program participation.    

As a result, you:

  • Can manage tomorrow’s health costs today, before you incur them, by improving and maintaining the health of your employee population.
  • See long-term, sustainable results with more productive, satisfied employees and reduced overall health care costs.

Why disease management is so important today

Approximately 133 million Americans, or 45 percent of the U.S. population, live with chronic disease. Of those, an estimated 60 million live with more than one chronic condition. By 2020, it is estimated that 157 million Americans will have at least one chronic condition. (Source: The American College of Physicians, Costs and Quality Associated with Treating Medicare Patients with Multiple Chronic Diseases.)

Properly managed chronic diseases can reduce hospitalizations and the development of more serious medical complications, resulting in lower medical costs for consumers and employers.

Technology and trained professionals at your service

The AHC disease management program (DM) is delivered by Aetna nurses using technology shared with our subsidiary, ActiveHealth® Management, Inc. By leveraging ActiveHealth’s clinical support system and CareEngine®, Aetna members benefit from continuous monitoring of their health status.

While most traditional disease management programs focus on delivering education to members about a single chronic condition, the AHC DM program focuses on the entire individual, with specific interventions driven by CareEngine. The system works by:

  • Examining medical, laboratory and pharmacy claims and other clinical data.
  • Continuously comparing member health data with over 1,000 evidence-based guidelines of care.
  • Identifying gaps, errors, omissions or duplications in care.

It can identify potentially dangerous drug-drug and drug-disease interactions, and the need for preventive screenings or other care.

Supporting the doctor-patient relationship

The program does much more than help members manage their ongoing health conditions. It also supports their relationship with their doctors. This may include special messages called “Care Considerations,” which are important messages about a member’s health that may need attention.

We send Care Considerations to members and their doctors and we also ask our members to talk to their doctors about them. We find Care Considerations by comparing our data with national medical guidelines. For example, a member might be taking two medications that don’t agree with each other. Or, a member may have missed an important preventive health test.

Care Considerations sent to doctors can urge doctors to consider:

  • Stopping a treatment
  • Adding a treatment
  • Trying a procedure or test not yet given
  • Recommending preventive care or wellness options

And in every case where a Care Consideration is sent, the medical literature, guideline or evidence supporting the recommendation is referenced.

Managing disease makes it easier to manage your business

You want more productivity from your workforce and fewer health care costs. AHC disease management program can help our members:

  • Choose the right treatment and preventive care for their individual needs
  • Better manage their ongoing health conditions
  • Learn about and help reduce their risks for other conditions

Find out how Aetna Health Connections can benefit your employees
Make the connection between disease management and a healthier, more productive workforce. Contact your broker or Aetna representative today for more information about Aetna Health Connections and disease management programs.

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