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Onsite health screenings available through Quest Diagnostics

Aetna provides a convenient way for your employees and their dependents to complete key biometric and laboratory tests by helping them increase their awareness of personal health risks.


Aetna now offers an onsite health screening program through Quest Diagnostics, Inc. The Quest Diagnostics Blueprint For Wellness™ Onsite Screening program enhances Aetna’s total wellness solution by providing another way for employees and their families to become more engaged in their health and take responsibility for lifestyle and health care decisions.


Test results are sent to the CareEngine® and used to generate any appropriate Care Considerations. Test results will also be viewable in a member's Aetna Personal Health Record (PHR).


The program offers the following for our Middle Market customers:

  • A standard screening package that includes:

Ø      Fasting venipuncture blood tests for total cholesterol, HDL, calculated LDL, calculated cholesterol/HDL ratio, triglycerides and glucose.

Ø      Blood pressure.

Ø      Weight, height and BMI (body mass index).

  • A non-fasting screening test package.
  • Additional screening tests that can be added to the standard package.
  • Reports that provide employees with documented personal information and plan sponsors with aggregated information, enabling them to understand and address specific health issues.
  • A screening solution for plan sponsors that have off-site employees, using Quest Diagnostics 2,000 patient service centers in addition to Quest Diagnostics 5,000+ mobile examiners for onsite health screening events. Remote kits are available at an additional charge for employees who are not near an employer's worksite and elect to visit a Quest service center for screening.

For more information about onsite health screenings, please contact your Aetna representative.


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Fourth Quarter 2008
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