Aetna Extends Partnership With Parkland Community Health Plan

DALLAS, Texas,October 07, 2008 — Aetna (NYSE: AET) and Parkland Community Health Plan (PCHP) have announced a new five-year contract for Aetna to administer Third Party Administrative (TPA) services for PCHP's Medicaid and CHIP programs. This contract extends the previous agreement that has been in place since 1998

As the third party administrator, Aetna will provide PCHP with administrative services which include member services, claims processing, medical management, accounting services, quality management, information systems support, provider relations and community outreach teams.

"Continuing our partnership with Parkland Community Health Plan not only reinforces the positive relationship that we have established over the last 10 years, but also allows us to further cultivate and expand the processes that we have jointly developed to manage the health needs of the Medicaid and CHIP population in the Dallas service area," said Nadine Hauf, executive director of Aetna Medicaid and CHIP services.

The Parkland Community Health Plan, Inc., an integral part of the Parkland Health and Hospital System, is a managed care organization that was created to serve as a bridge connecting the community's uninsured population to programs and services designed specifically for them, including Medicaid Managed Care and the CHIP programs. PCHP works with 1,900 health care providers and organizations, including 30 hospitals and medical centers.

In the past ten years of Aetna administering TPA services for PCHP, membership has grown from 500 members to nearly 145,000 members in the Medicaid and CHIP programs. To meet the growing membership numbers, Aetna has increased its service team from 20 employees to more than 200.

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