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The following are select press releases issued by Aetna during the chosen calendar year. Aetna maintains an internal archive of all press releases issued by Aetna from 1996 to the present. If you would like to receive a copy of an Aetna press release which is not listed here, please contact Aetna and we will do our best to provide it to you.

December 16, 2003 Aetna Acquires the Chickering Group
December 15, 2003 Aetna Announces New Physician Advisory Committee
December 5, 2003 Aetna Board Authorizes Share Repurchases

October 30, 2003 Aetna Reports Third Quarter 2003 Results
October 24, 2003 Federal Court Approves Historic Agreement Between Aetna and Doctors

September 26, 2003 Aetna Declares Annual Dividend
September 2, 2003 Aetna Chairman and CEO Adopts 10B5-1 Plan

August 28, 2003 David B. Kelso to Leave Aetna
August 19, 2003 Dentists and Aetna Reach Agreement to Improve Efficiency and Enhance Communication

July 30, 2003 Aetna Updates Full-Year Earnings Guidance
July 30, 2003 Aetna Reports Second Quarter 2003 Results

June 27, 2003 Edward J. Ludwig to Join Aetna Board

May 22, 2003 Physicians and Aetna Begin New Era of Cooperation

April 24, 2003 Aetna Reports First Quarter 2003 Results

February 11, 2003 Aetna Reports Fourth Quarter And Full-year 2002 Results
February 4, 2003 Mark Bertolini Joins Aetna as Senior Vice President of Specialty Products

January 9, 2003 Aetna Marks 150th Anniversary With Pride in its Past and an Eye on the Future

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