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Aetna Commuter Benefits

Aetna Commuter BenefitsSM  can help you save on the cost of getting to work. It's a smart way to save on eligible parking and transit expenses.

Here’s how Aetna Commuter Benefits works

You pay for eligible work-related parking or transit costs before taxes are taken out of your paycheck.* That means you save.

  • Visit www.aetnacommuterhub.com
  • Select your transit system or parking vendor
  • Place your order for eligible transit or parking passes/vouchers
  • The cost is deducted from your paycheck before taxes are taken
  • Receive your transit or parking passes/vouchers in the mail

Your employer may offer a parking benefit, transit benefit, or both.

Please refer to your employer's Summary Plan Description to determine if this is an available benefit under your employer's plan. In case of a conflict between your plan documents and the information in this website, the plan documents will govern.

Parking Benefit

The parking benefit is for eligible work-related parking expenses, including:

  • Parking costs at or near your primary work site
  • Parking costs at the place where you get transportation to work—a train station or vanpool stop, for instance

Your pretax parking contribution is limited to $230 a month.*

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Transit Benefit

The transit benefit is for eligible work-related transit expenses, including:

Remember this: Money deducted from your pay is pretax up to the IRS-allowed amount. Purchases beyond the IRS allowed limit will not be pretax. Your total pretax contribution for eligible transit, parking or vanpooling is limited to $230 a month.*

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*The IRS adjusts this amount for inflation annually. 

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Legal Notices
Aetna *The Aetna commuter benefits account is only available to employees who are offered the account by their employers. AetnaCommuterhub.com [ADD LINK WHEN AVAILABLE] can be used only by Aetna Commuter Benefits enrollees. Aetna
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