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Important! Please see News and Announcements section below for an important update regarding debit cards used for tax-advantaged accounts.

Keep More of the Money You Earn

Here's great news. You can:
  • Pay for eligible expenses with pre-tax dollars
  • Lower the taxes taken out of your pay
These are just two of the great advantages you get with an Aetna spending account.

Using a spending account is like getting a discount on certain expenses — not because the expenses are less, but because you are paying them with the money that has not been taxed. You can use a spending account to get reimbursed for eligible:


> Spending Accounts   > Calculate Savings
Learn how to save money with an Aetna spending account. It's the smart way to pay for expenses you need to pay anyway.  more

Use our FSA Savings Calculator. See how much you can save by choosing a flexible spending account.  more

> Easy Reimbursement > Manage Your Account
Get quick, easy reimbursement options just for you. Learn about automatic reimbursement and forget about paper claim forms.  more

Enjoy great online tools and resources that make managing your FSA a snap. Get your account balance. View recent account activity and more.  more

> Eligible Expenses  
Explore the eligible expenses your spending account can help pay. Doctor visits ... bandages ... child care. The list goes on.  more


News & Announcements for Spending Accounts

Starting January 1, 2015, the IRS now limits the amount you can put into a Health Care Limited FSA. The maximum amount is $2,550. However your employer amount may be different. Check with your employer for the yearly contribution limit.

For those who currently have an Aetna or PayFlex debit card, you are encouraged to call 1-888-999-0121 to get your PIN on or after April 1. A PIN can be requested at any time of the day. Provide your card number, the 3-digit code located on the back of your card, and your zip code. If your spouse and/or dependent have a card, they will use the same PIN.

News & Announcements for Tax-Advantaged Accounts -- Beginning April 1, 2013, debit cards for tax-advantaged accounts can now be used as debit or credit. However, a merchant may ask you to select debit. This means, you will need a personal identification number (PIN) to complete your transaction. This new PIN requirement is part of the Durbin Amendment, which is part of the larger Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.
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