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Eligible Health Care Expenses

The following information is general and may be changed or updated without notice. If there is a difference between this list and your employer's plan documents, your employer's plan documents will govern. Please see your employer's Summary Plan Description for more information about which health care expenses can be reimbursed from you health care FSA.

Effective January 1, 2011 over-the-counter medicines will not be FSA-eligible without a doctor's prescription as a result of Health Care Reform.

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Health Care FSA Expenses
Expense Type


Requires Letter of Medical Necessity (LOMN)

Medicine/ Drug Requires an Rx

Ineligible Description
Obstetrical care


  The cost of obstetrical care is an eligible medical expense.  Documentation requires an EOB or itemized statement of the birth expenses.  Note:  Co-pay amounts and tests performed during the pregnancy (i.e., ultrasound) would be considered eligible when the expense is incurred if billed separately.
X Prepaid expenses for the birth are not eligible until the baby is born and insurance has paid. The incurred date is considered the date of birth to avoid overpayment situations and crossing of plan years.

Occupational Therapy


The cost of Occupational Therapy is an eligible medical expense.

Occlusal Guard

See Mouth Guard.


Fees paid to an oncologist are eligible medical expenses.


  The cost of a legal operation required for medical care performed legally in the U.S. or performed legally in another country (and which would be legal if performed in the U.S.)  is an eligible medical expense.  Also see Medical care outside the U.S.
The cost of cosmetic surgery is not an eligible medical expense.  Also see Cosmetic Treatment.



Amounts paid to an ophthalmologist are qualified medical expenses.



Amounts paid to an optometrist are eligible medical expenses.
Organ Donor


  If the recipient is covered by the FSA or HSA and the expense is related to the recipient or donor, the expense is eligible as long as the recipient is responsible for the services incurred.
If the donor is covered by the FSA or HSA, no expenses related to the recipient are eligible, even if paid by the donor.  Only expenses incurred by the donor are eligible.


  The cost of orthodontia care (including braces) is an eligible medical expense.



Cost for orthokeratology, also known as corneal molding, is an eligible medical expense.  It is a surgical procedure similar to Lasik Surgery to improve or correct near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism.  Also see Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery.
Orthopedic Shoes X A health care professional must provide evidence of medical necessity for the cost of orthopedic shoes to be an eligible medical expense.  Include evidence of medical necessity (i.e., a doctor's note or LOMN that specifically identifies that the recommendation and expense is for treatment of the medical condition) with the request for reimbursement. Note: only the excess cost of the specialized orthopedic shoe over the cost of an equivalent regular shoe will qualify.
Orthotics  X The cost of custom made and over the counter inserts, orthotics or supports that are designed to treat an injured or weakened body part is an eligible medical expense.

OSHA Handling Fees for Bio-Hazards Waste Disposal


Fees paid for Bio-Hazard Waste Disposal for the Safe disposal of Potential Blood Borne Pathogen, Sharps and Related Bio-Hazardous Waste are eligible medical expenses.  Some doctors and dentists may itemize these on their invoices.


X The cost of osteopathic care is an eligible medical expense.

Ostomy, Colostomy Supplies

X Amounts paid for items such as pouches, lubricants, deodorants, support garments, etc. are eligible medical expenses.


See Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs and Medicines.

Out-of-Network Provider

See Reasonable & Customary (R&C)

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs and Medicines

See Medicine, Over-the-Counter.
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Supplies X Amounts paid for OTC supplies include but are not limited to: crutches, band-aids, braces, etc. and are eligible medical expenses.
Ovulation Monitor See Fertility Enhancement and Treatments.
Oxygen X Amounts paid, including rental fees, for oxygen and oxygen equipment are eligible medical expenses.

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