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Eligible Dependent Care Expenses

A Dependent Care FSA is the smart way to help pay for eligible dependent care expenses. Here is a list of those expenses.


Eligible Dependent Care Expenses
Expense Type




In-home Care    The cost of in-home care is reimbursable. Also see Au pair; Babysitter; Nanny; Relative, amounts paid to; and Room and board.    
Indirect Expenses X

 When the expense is required to obtain the care, and if the qualifying person has actually received that care, indirect expenses are reimbursable.  Indirect amounts are incidental to the care of the person but are not optional.  Note: Submit the indirect expense along with the expense for the actual care in order to receive reimbursement.  Examples include but are not limited to: agency fees; application fees; hold-the-spot or placement fees; and deposits.


When the expense is not required to obtain the care or if the qualifying person has not yet received the care, indirect expenses are not reimbursable.  For example: activity fees; you pay to run a background check on a potential provider but the check is voluntary and not required by an agency.

X Fees that are forfeited (for ex., the participant selects a different caregiver) are not reimbursable.

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