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Eligible Dependent Care Expenses

A Dependent Care FSA is the smart way to help pay for eligible dependent care expenses. Here is a list of those expenses.


Eligible Dependent Care Expenses
Expense Type




Education       See Tuition, Kindergarten or higher and Tuition, Preschool or Nursery School.
Elder Care  

See also Adult daycare; Convalescent Home; In-home Care; and Relative, amounts paid to.

Emergency Daycare See Employer provided on–site daycare and Sick-child Facility.
Employer-provided on-site Daycare X The cost of on-site daycare is reimbursable, even when the payment for care is payroll deducted. Also see Sick-child facility.
Employment Taxes X

When the caregiver is actually an employee of the FSA participant, with respect to providing care, federal employment taxes (FICA, FUTA) and similar state payroll taxes are reimbursable.

Extended Daycare/ Program See After-school care and Before-school care.

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