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Debit Card Account Tool

Check your Aetna FSA debit card account online anytime with our Debit Card Account Tool at www.aetnafsadebitcard.com

You can:

  • Keep track of your available funds
  • View details on current and pending transactions
  • Find out where to submit claims that require receipts
  • Print Friendly Version of monthly statements

You will find more information about this tool in your Aetna debit card packet.


If you are registered at Aetna Navigator®, our secure member website, you can get:

  • E-mail notices when a debit card transaction is posted to your FSA
  • Explanation of payment summaries (EOPs) e-mailed to you each time you use your debit card if you are enrolled in direct deposit.
  • Access your Debit Card Account Tool

Prefer to talk instead? Just call the toll-free customer service number on the back of your Aetna FSA debit card. We are here Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in your local time zone.

The IRS and your FSA

It's important to save your receipts.  Even when you use your FSA debit card, the IRS requires that you retain actual receipts to document a claim. 

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