Flu prevention video



We want you to be healthy.

Text: What is a germ?

Assorted Kids:
I know it's one of the tiniest organisms in the world.

A germ is something that can make you sick.

They are tiny green things.

If you cough onto someone else, they can get sick because of the germs.

Text: Don't spread germs.

If there are a lot of germs, a lot of people can get sick really fast.

Touching your eyes, nose, and mouth is a good way of spreading germs. (Kids touching their faces.)

You should stay away from sick people.

Try not to put things in your mouth.

Don't rub your eyes or your nose. Don't suck on your finger or pick your nose.

If someone sneezes in their hand and grabs the remote to change the channel, then there are germs on the remote.

In the mall, when you are going to the bathroom, people - after they use the bathroom, they put water on their hands and they just leave. They don't really use soap. To me that's disgusting. That's nasty. That's not right.

Text: Wash your hands.

We like to say the ABC's with hot soapy water.

Assorted children singing the Alphabet Song.

Text: How to sneeze.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze. (ah-choo!)

If you have to sneeze (ah-choo!) use a tissue.

Throw it away in the basket.

Throw it in the trash.

Throw it away.

Throw it in the garbage.

Then wait for the garbage truck to come.

Text: How to cough.

If you have to cough, cough into your elbow like this. (Children demonstrate coughing into shirt sleeve.)

Cough into your sleeve.

All of the time.

When you don't have a tissue you can cough into your arm, like this. (ah-choo!)