Health Care Reform: The Journey Continues

Key Points of Consideration for Large Group Employers and How Aetna Can Help (3:05)


So if we move to the next section and Slide 23, you know, here are some of the things that we want the large employer groups to know. And, you know, on Slide 24 we actually go down through an easy-to-use checklist and these are areas that the Aetna account management and sales and underwriting teams are prepared to support all of you whether you’re an employer or one of their advisors.

You know the key areas are taxes and fees that we talked about; the benefit strategies; evaluating the wellness program; the implications of employee movement in and out of a plan; the impact of full time versus part time and associated; the spouse impacts; you get into the eligibility, enrollment and employer provisions. We talked about again the 90-day maximum waiting periods; the employer reporting; list out a number of key things there.

We talked about the W-2 and some of the minimum essential coverage notices. The auto enrollment is deferred at this time but something to be aware of. And we have made notable improvements that you all see in the area of summary of benefits and coverage, which is something we appreciate your support and patience with in a very complicated manner; but we’re working with partners, Xerox, and High Roads.

We have continued to improve every day and will have a far more automated and evolved solution for everyone in the next several months. So already deploying those solutions, they will be fully operational by our team again in preparation for the next material wave for 01/01 business in 2014.

And finally there’s the employer-shared responsibility provisions that we took you through with the minimum essential coverage; the minimum value and affordability considerations, and then the full-time coverage for employees and their dependents. So there’s a lot of information here.

We have a lot of health care reform tools and resources available to you, both online and through your team that supports you. We are very diligent in maintaining oversight and updating this as we get updates in regulations or solutions. So, and again we’ll be, Beth said we had shared this presentation and there is additional information available to you should you be interested.