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Aetna Disability Benefits from Aetna Life Insurance Company ("Aetna")

Your clients can rely on Aetna for the long term.

More choice, more value.
Excellent service means getting the basics right.
Timely information supports better decision-making.
Health and productivity expertise, under one roof.
The best time to manage a disability is before it happens.
In the event that an employee becomes totally disabled.
Aetna Disability: Restoring health and productivity.

Aetna Life Insurance Company (“Aetna”) is committed to the group disability business – for 80 years and counting. We issued our first group disability contract in 1919. Today, our group disability plans cover more than 2 million Americans through 2,100 employers, and we process 2,000 new disability claims each week.

Aetna delivers what today’s employers want. We offer plan designs and funding options tailored to specific business and employee needs. We apply our own health care and clinical expertise to disability event management. We promote health and productivity by making it possible to predict and prevent disability, and by reducing the cost and impact of disability when it does occur.

More choice, more value.
The disability solutions your clients need today.

We offer a full product spectrum. . .

  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Coordinated Short Term and Long Term plans
  • State cash/statutory plans in California, Hawaii, New Jersey and New York.
  • Voluntary group employee-paid and buy-up plans

. . . and all funding options, from insured and administrative services contracts to advice only and benefit determination only plans.

These extra services add value:

  • EAP services - for an additional charge, employers can choose an EAP option that fits their needs.
  • FMLA/absence tracking services - for an additional charge, employers can get the benefit of easy, hassle-free management of employee leave activity.
  • Return-to-Work support - free, web-based information as well as access to our internal team of professional vocational rehabilitation counselors to help employees manage a successful return to productive work.
  • Legal Reference Program - free web and telephone access to consumer legal information, including free forms and legal services at reduced rates.
  • Aetna InteliHealth™ -- free access to our award-winning consumer health information web site.

Beyond the customer value we offer every day, we are committed to the disability community at large and provide support through charitable contributions and sponsorships. Read more about our outreach efforts.

Excellent service. . . means getting the basics right.

Aetna is organized for efficient execution on the fundamentals of service:

  • integrated sales, installation and account management to ensure clean handoffs through installation, new case setup and enrollment
  • a single point of contact - the dedicated local account manager - to keep things simple for benefit managers
  • the tools and processes in place to streamline claim decisions and make claim payment fast and accurate

Timely information supports better decision-making.

At Aetna, we've developed the technology and analytic capabilities to provide you and your clients with business intelligence that makes a difference:

  • Advice to guide business and benefits strategies - through renewal packages that analyze plan design in detail, and up-to-date claim utilization data.
  • Integration of health and disability data - through our new Integrated Health and Disability (IHD) program that helps identify potential disabilities and direct early intervention services.
  • Online services - such as custom websites that provide secure access to plan information, forms and Frequently Asked Questions - and our package of standard Program Review Reports that provide data on claim status, outcomes and trends.

Health and productivity expertise
. . . the capabilities needed for effective disability management, all under one roof.

At Aetna, we understand that disability is a health event. And as a health benefits company, we have years of the in-house expertise to manage disabilities for positive health outcomes and a faster, safer return to work. Our team of on-staff medical directors, RNs and rehabilitation specialists uses proprietary clinical duration guidelines to determine which claims will benefit most from clinical case management and intervention. They then work directly with the employee, employer and attending physician to establish an effective return-to-work plan based on the employee’s medical condition and job function, and the employer’s workplace needs.

Read more about vocational rehabilitation.

We also understand that the best time to manage a disability is before it happens. That’s why we are pioneering a new Integrated Health and Disability (IHD) model that links medical and disability case management for customers who have both health and disability plans with Aetna. The IHD model optimizes employee health and productivity by coordinating Aetna’s Medical Case Management program, Aetna’s Behavioral Health services, Aetna Disability and the data integration capabilities of Aetna Integrated Informatics. This service is provided at no additional cost to the employer or employee and, with the employee’s consent, integrates delivery of medical plan patient management services and disability case management, provides fully integrated medical and disability predictive modeling, and coordinates the activity of expert resources provided by our medical plans and disability plans, such as vocational rehabilitation and behavioral health specialists.

In the event that an employee becomes totally disabled and the disability is expected to last more than six months, long term disability benefits provided by Aetna combined with Social Security Disability Insurance can provide the greatest possible amount of disability-related income, as well as eventual eligibility for health coverage through Medicare. Most Aetna LTD plans require claimants to file for SSDI benefits and pursue all appeals. Dedicated SSDI representation services are available to help make the process less confusing, less intimidating and more convenient. Read more about Social Security services.

Aetna Disability: Restoring health and productivity.

Aetna has combined on-staff clinical expertise with disability product and service innovation to raise the bar in disability management. To learn more about the difference we can make in employee health and productivity, contact your local Aetna representative today.


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