Glossary: U

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UCRSee “Usual, customary, reasonable.
Uncovered services These are also called “ exclusions.“ They are specific conditions or services that are not covered under a health plan. They are listed in the plan documents. Check to see what is not covered before enrolling in a plan. Ask the plan or your employer for a copy of the plan documents.
UnderwritingThis process helps assess the costs of insuring potential members. It is used to decide who is eligible for coverage. Medical questions may be asked. A health exam may be required. Rate level and premiums are based on results.
Urgent care Urgent care is not the same as emergency care. It is for a sudden illness or injury that is not life threatening. But care still needs to be given quickly so the person does not develop more serious pain or problems.
Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR)A limit on the amount your health plan will pay. Also called "customary and reasonable," "reasonable "or "prevailing” charge. The limit is based on data Aetna receives. The data is based on what doctors' charge for the health care service. We get this data from a subsidiary of another health insurer. In 2011, we will receive the data from an independent organization known as Fair Health.

Check your plan documents for more details: Your health plan documents will tell you how we pay for out-of-network care. Or call Member Services at the phone number listed on your Aetna ID card. Learn More

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