Glossary: N

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Nasal congestion This means the same as stuffy nose.
National AdvantageTM Program* This is an Aetna program. It offers contract rates for some claims. These claims would otherwise be paid at the cost the doctor billed. It applies to: *Aetna does not credential, monitor or oversee those providers who participate through third-party contracts. Since there are a number of factors that determine whether a discount will be given, Aetna is unable to guarantee any level of discount under this program.
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) This is an independent, nonprofit group. It is also known as the NCQA. The NCQA has an official recognition process. It measures how well a health plan:
  • manages its care delivery system
  • improves health care for members.
National Medical Excellence Program® This is an Aetna program. It helps members get covered treatment for:
  • solid organ transplants
  • bone marrow transplants
  • some other rare or complex conditions.
The services must be done by network facilities. They must have experience in these areas.
Nausea This is a feeling of sickness in the stomach.
NCQA See “National Committee for Quality Assurance.
Necessary Health plans usually pay only for care that is “necessary.” They decide this by using medical standards or research that states what care is most effective. Care can mean health services or supplies. This also is called “medically necessary,” “medically necessary services” or “medical necessity.”
Neglect This means not taking care of something.
Network A network is a group of health care providers. It includes doctors, dentists and hospitals. The health care providers in the network sign a contract with a health plan to provide services. Usually, the network provides services at a special rate. With some health plans, people get more coverage when they get care in the network.
Nocturia This is a medical condition. A person who has it gets up often during the night because he or she needs to urinate.
Noncancerous This refers to something that is not cancerous.
Noncontributory This is the cost of a group insurance plan that is paid by an employer. It can be part of the cost or can be the entire cost.
Non-occupational disease This describes a disease not caused by a job or in any act related to a job.
Non-occupational injury This is an injury not caused by a job or an act related to a job.
Nonparticipating provider This is a health care provider who does not have a contract with a health plan. People might pay more when they visit this kind of doctor, hospital or other health care professional. This may also be referred to as “out of network” or “nonpreferred.”
Nonprescription This means a person can buy a drug without a doctor’s prescription.
Nutrient This is a substance that is good for the body. It is often used when talking about food.

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