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Picture of The Rev. Thomas W.S. Logan Sr.
Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Distinguished Alumnus:
The Rev. Thomas W.S. Logan Sr.

As a member of the Episcopalian priesthood for 63 years, the Rev. Thomas W.S. Logan Sr. has always taken a little bit of Lincoln University along with him on his spiritual journeys. "Lincoln was calling to us," said Rev. Logan. "They trained me well there. The football team was good and scholarship was good."

Attracted to the university's history and Episcopalian background, he followed his older brother John's footsteps and studied religion at Lincoln, graduating in 1935.

"In those days, Lincoln was the place to go for black Episcopalians studying for the ministry," said Rev. Logan. After graduating, Rev. Logan began a long career in the ministry, pastoring churches in Yonkers, N.Y., New York City, and his hometown of Philadelphia. He retired in 1984, the same year Lincoln gave him an honorary doctorate. Studying at Lincoln is a Logan family tradition; two of Rev. Logan's brothers and a grandson also attended the university.

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