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Picture of Emmit J. McHenry
Emmit J. McHenry

Emmit McHenry is founder, chairman and CEO of NetCom Solutions International, Inc., a telecommunications, engineering, consulting and technical services company that has been honored with numerous awards from customers and industry for performance excellence. The company has received IBM's vendor award for Quality Service Provider, NASA's Subcontractor Quality Service Provider award, AT&T's highest vendor quality award, and Lucent Technologies' Partner in Excellence award.

Prior to founding NetCom Solutions International in 1995, McHenry was a founder of Network Solutions, Inc., the Internet domain services provider and commercial market developer of TCP/IP interoperable products for packet switched networks. He serves as chairman of the board for LearnCity, Inc., a K-12 standards based content company, and Visutel, a broadband telecommunications company.

Additionally, he currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Council on Competitiveness, and the boards of directors for NetCom Solutions International, Ltd., Stratesec Incorporated and Global Technology, L.L.C. McHenry is also active on the advisory board for DECIS Technology. He has served on the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority and the state of Virginia Economic Development Authority, the board of directors for James Martin Government Intelligence, and has chaired the board of directors of NetCom Solutions South Africa.

In the past, McHenry has held management positions with IBM, Connecticut General, Union Mutual and Allstate Insurance Company, where he served in several positions, including regional vice president for the five northwestern states (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii). He also served as a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

McHenry earned a bachelor's degree in communications at the University of Denver in 1966, He earned a master of science in communications at Northwestern University, where he also completed the qualifying examinations for a doctorate in communications and organizational behavior and served as an assistant dean. He received an honorary doctorate from Shaw Divinity School.

McHenry has traveled extensively throughout North America, with broad travel in Africa, Europe and Asia.

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