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Picture of Cabell 'Cab' Calloway III: 1990Picture of Jackie Robinson: 1991Picture of To Be Young, Gifted and Black: 1992Picture of James R. Gavin III, M.D., Ph.D.: 1993Picture of Johnnetta B. Cole, Ph.D.: 1994Picture of Parren J. Mitchell: 1995Picture of Bartholomew O. Nnaji, Ph.D.: 1996Picture of William (Bill) Williams: 1997Picture of Anita L. DeFrantz: 1998Picture of Comer Cottrell Jr.: 1999

Love, Wisdom and Conscience
The 1994 Calendar of African American History

Aetna's 1994 calendar celebrated African American men and women who credit their mentors for helping them to reach success in areas ranging from sports to journalism. Mentors -- then and now -- play an essential role in encouraging black children to raise the limits, expand the horizon, and strive for success, even when the odds may seem impossible.

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Picture of Johnnetta B. Cole, Ph.D.
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