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Picture of Arthur R. Ashe Jr.: 1982Picture of Mary McLeod Bethune: 1983Picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: 1984Picture of Matilda A. Evans, M.D.: 1985Picture of Susan Maria Smith McKinney Steward: 1986Picture of Whitney M. Young Jr.: 1987Picture of Caroline V. Still Anderson: 1988Picture of Patricia Roberts Harris: 1989

The 1985 Calendar of Black History
The 1985 calendar honored individuals whose work provided hope for all African Americans leading with musician Eubie Blake. Blake not only created music, he broke color barriers in theaters across the country. Attorney Constance Baker Motely broke segregation barriers within Southern universities. John Hope was able to mold five of the nation's leading black colleges into the prestigious Atlanta University Center, which boasts Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a graduate. Harvard University professor William Augustus Hinton devoted his life to fighting venereal diseases. And Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander was a leader and innovator in causes that have helped improve the quality of life for African Americans.

Ralph Johnson Bunche  |  Matilda A. Evans, M.D.
Constance Baker Motley

Picture of Ralph Johnson Bunche
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