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Picture of Arthur R. Ashe Jr.: 1982Picture of Mary McLeod Bethune: 1983Picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: 1984Picture of Matilda A. Evans, M.D.: 1985Picture of Susan Maria Smith McKinney Steward: 1986Picture of Whitney M. Young Jr.: 1987Picture of Caroline V. Still Anderson: 1988Picture of Patricia Roberts Harris: 1989

The 1983 Calendar of Black History
Aetna's tribute to African American history continued in 1983 with highly respected and acclaimed achievers: Frederick Douglass, who worked with Abraham Lincoln to helps blacks gain freedom; Nat "King" Cole, the first black performer to have his own TV show; A. Philip Randolph, who encouraged President Roosevelt to establish the committee of Fair Employment Practice; and Matthew Henson, who was the first to arrive at the North Pole.

Mary McLeod Bethune  |  Jesse Owens  |  Daniel Hale Williams

Picture of Mary McLeod Bethune
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