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Hospital credentialing

What does the Aetna hospital credentialing process involve?

Our credentialing policy and/or business participation requirements are part of our contract with participating hospitals. These hospitals must have a current license and accreditation from The Joint Commission. If The Joint Commission doesnít accredit the hospital, it must be accredited by one of the following:

According to our contract, participating hospitals must:

Though the criteria may vary according to hospital type, in general, we require hospitals to:

Some of the specific information we collect includes:

Hospital name: The hospital self-reports its name on the first questionnaire. We update the questionnaire at least every three years or more often, according to state or federal requirements. Itís also part of our continuing contract information.

Accreditations: Hospitals must:

Our recognized accrediting agencies include:

We check accreditation when we first credential the hospital, and every three years thereafter. Not all hospitals may be accredited. Please check the current accreditation status by visiting:

Location and Phone Number: The hospital reports its location and phone number on the initial questionnaire. We update the questionnaire every three years, and is part of the hospital contract.