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Behavioral Health

The information contained herein is provided for information purposes only. Your behavioral health benefits plan may require that you call a behavioral health toll-free number to receive precertification and/or avoid a reduction in benefits. For additional information on the specific requirements of your benefits plan please refer to your benefits plan booklet or call the toll-free number listed on your member ID card. If your plan requires, please be sure to call the toll-free number listed on your member ID card prior to seeking care.

Your EAP plan requires that you call the toll-free EAP number prior to making an appointment with a provider.

Providers with this symbol may participate with Aetna through an agreement that Aetna has with a vendor. The provider may not be directly contracted with Aetna, and, consequently, not credentialed by Aetna. Providers available through these vendors are only subject to the credentialing requirements, if any, of the vendor. If you should have any questions, contact Aetna Member Services.