2010 Diversity Annual Report
Engaged: Customers benefit from Aetna’s diversity management consulting

At Aetna, our customers are at the center of everything we do. That’s why customers who sign up with Aetna, get more than best-in-class products and services – they also get access to best practices on diversity.

Our Values in Action
In 2010 members of Aetna’s diversity team consulted with many customers and shared diversity best practices. Customers have praised the value of this consulting.

In 2010 members of Aetna’s diversity team consulted with dozens of customers and shared diversity best practices related to employee resource groups (ERGs), diversity metrics, alignment to the business, leadership accountability, and organizational designs.

Customers have praised the value of Aetna’s diversity consulting in this area. Here is a sample of their comments:

“Aetna’s willingness to share their expertise on diversity and their customer-focused approach has been very well received at SunGard. We appreciate their ability to consult on diversity with us on an ongoing basis. In fact, it was this support that changed our perception of Aetna from a vendor to a real business partner.”
Cristóbal Conde, President and CEO of SunGard,
a global provider of software and technology services

“Aetna provided valuable diversity consulting for us, particularly on ERGs, and my team and I sincerely appreciated their willingness to work with us and teach us what they knew. Our time spent with Aetna has served as a catalyst for our team to begin to integrate a robust diversity strategy throughout our company that will enhance our business objectives.”
Russell Esquivel, Vice President of Workforce Solutions for Apollo Group,
the parent company of University of Phoenix

“Aetna’s diversity practices are best-in-class. I appreciated the time they took to visit my office to share their experiences and consult with us on diversity. As the result of the knowledge we gained from our meetings with Aetna, the American Diabetes Association is taking its diversity strategy in a new direction. Aetna is clearly a thought leader in migrating diversity from a human capital initiative to integrating and leveraging diversity into an organization’s core business activities.”
Don Laing, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for the American Diabetes Association

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