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Christian ERG

Generation Y ERG

Families@Work Working families ERG

TCN-ERG Telework Community Network ERG

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Generation X ERG

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2010 Diversity Annual Report
Embraced. Empowered. Engaged.

Aetna embraces diversity in all its dimensions. The company understands that when people join together to create change, their deepest insights emerge from both common and uncommon ground. Their greatest contributions arise from the way they live their lives, where they come from, what they treasure, and what they understand about our world. Go

Aetna employees are empowered to share their unique perspectives in a range of ways to make our company more successful and a better place to work. They also are encouraged to extend their momentum beyond our walls – to nurture a greater understanding of diversity and its benefits in our communities and across the nation. Go

Aetna, is engaged making diversity an integral part of our business. Diversity influences the way the company works with customers and business partners. It helps Aetna to identify and serve new markets. And it heightens the effectiveness of the company’s broad efforts to improve the quality and affordability of health care for everyone. Go