2010 Diversity Annual Report
Embraced: Women’s heart health is focus of Aetna’s “Go Red” commitment

What kills more women than any other disease, including cancer? It’s heart disease — and Aetna in 2010 and 2011 is deepening its commitment to helping women learn about and fight against this deadly, silent killer.

Go Red
“Go Red for Women – BetterU” event
“Heart health isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and it’s important to stay motivated. Finding a ‘Heart Buddy’ can help people stay focused, stay motivated, and enjoy healthy activities.”

Deanna Fidler, Head of Business Advisory Services, Aetna

Aetna is a Signature Sponsor for the Go Red For Women movement in Connecticut, which is part of a national effort by the American Heart Association (AHA) to inform, empower and rally women to stop heart disease. Beyond stemming an increase in suffering, the AHA warns of rising costs in treating heart disease and stroke, recently predicting that these costs will increase in the next 20 years, to $818 billion. In addition to its signature sponsorship, Aetna is supporting regional Go Red initiatives and AHA heart healthy movements taking place across the country.

For example, throughout 2010, Aetna supported the AHA in organizing successful “Start! Walking Programs” – which encourage people to lace up and start walking – in cities such as Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Nashville, Jacksonville and Greater Washington. Aetna is encouraging its employees to continue supporting nearby Start! walks – and walking regularly themselves to keep their hearts healthier.

In December 2010 Aetna hosted a “Go Red for Women – BetterU” event in its Hartford headquarters for all of its Connecticut employees. The event featured company executives Kay Mooney and Deanna Fidler, co-chairs for the 2010-2011 Go Red For Women movement of North Central Connecticut, and other speakers. Employees took part in a range of activities – including a 15-minute high-energy stretch break – and tasted healthy snacks. To sustain the event’s momentum, Aetna is also sponsoring an online BetterU, a free program that helps men and women stay healthy through small, simple choices.

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