2010 Diversity Annual Report
Embraced: Lights! Camera! Action! Gen Y group shows Aetna’s true colors

For young people considering where to launch their careers, Aetna can at first seem a bit daunting with its 150-year-old legacy, massive brick headquarters and highly complex businesses.

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“We wanted to convey that even though Aetna has been around for more than a century we have young employees – and we take care of them by providing great benefits, opportunities, training and room to grow.”

Ivette Sanchez,
Talent Acquisition Project Manager

Yet, Aetna’s Generation Y employees – particularly those active in the company’s Gen Y Employee Resource Group (EnRGY) – know that behind the company’s venerable veneer is a dynamic enterprise with opportunities for personal and professional growth that make it a highly attractive place to launch a career.

In 2010, members of EnRGY, which has chapters across the country, decided to clarify and update the image of Aetna among younger job seekers. How? By telling the Aetna story themselves in a video.

Working with Aetna’s recruiting team, several EnRGY members stepped in front of the camera to share their views of the company’s unique career opportunities. The resulting video – Building Careers at Aetna for Generation Y– is both spirited and informative.

The video went live on Aetna’s web site in July 2010, and is being used by the company’s University Relations team for recruitment activities on university campuses.

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