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Fabiola D. Gaines,
R.D., L.D.

Fabiola Gaines is chief clinical dietitian for Depugh Nursing Center in Winter Park, Florida, supervising the nutrition services and clinical support team that serves patients at this facility. She is a founding partner of Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc., developer of the original Soul Food Pyramid -- a culturally sensitive teaching tool.

An avid lecturer on culturally sensitive nutrition education for people of color, Ms. Gaines provides educational seminars to the American Diabetes Association, and records numerous educational radio and television spots.

With fellow dietitian Roniece Weaver, she is cochair of the cultural diversity committee for the American Diabetes Associations in Orlando, Florida, and national chapters. She and Ms. Weaver have researched, authored, coauthored and promoted association-published books, including The New Soul Food Cookbook for People With Diabetes, Slim Down Sister, Month of Meals and The Family Style Soul Food Diabetes Cookbook.

A certified member of the American Dietetic Association, Ms. Gaines received her B.S. in foods and nutrition from Florida A&M University and has been placed on the university's Wall of Fame as a distinguished graduate. She has been honored as a Woman of Distinction for the Citrus Council of Girl Scouts, Inc. and Speaking of Women's Health.

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