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Gwen Johnson
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Gwen Johnson has reached her ideal weight and achieved a healthful lifestyle with the same energy she has devoted to career and community. Since reaching her weight goal, she is committed to staying on track personally and professionally. Now, she seeks to help young people adopt the healthful habits that she worked so hard to achieve for herself.

Currently a realty specialist at the USDA Forest Service, Ms. Johnson worked for nearly 15 years as a program analyst with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Prior to her employment with these government agencies, she owned a successful network marketing company, and worked 18 years in claims management at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon.

While projected retirement is only six years away, Ms. Johnson plans to stay active with a second career, volunteer work and travel. To encourage and support others' weight-loss efforts, she shares the story of her own struggle: how she overcame bad health habits, how she remained on the road to a healthful lifestyle and how these steps have transformed the quality of her life.