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Lindsey Olier
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As a third-year student leader at Harvard University working toward a double major in history and science, a certificate in health policy, and a citation in Spanish language; Lindsey Olier has an acute interest in the business side of all things science -- especially those involving health care, technology and the history of science discipline.

Paralleling this interest, her coursework at Harvard to date includes an externship in health policy, medical ethics, medical anthropology and a thesis focusing on technological innovation in corporate America. She has built upon these diverse educational experiences in her already completed work and volunteer experiences.

Ms. Olier worked as an intern to the executive director of compliance at Brigham & Women's Hospital, where she proposed methods to make the hospital training program more efficient and thorough. She also coordinates Project HEALTH, a girls' fitness and nutrition program, where she serves as a health and fitness mentor for prediabetic and obese young girls residing in low-income, high-minority neighborhoods.

Ms. Olier worked on the marketing team at Microsoft Corporation in summer 2006; where she proposed methods to ensure more efficient, higher ROI marketing strategies for Microsoft's educational programming. On campus, she is an associate consultant for the Harvard College Consulting Group, president emerita of the Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers, and a choreographer for the Expressions Dance Group.

Drawing from her dance background, Ms. Olier's dream is to own two successful, simultaneously operating inner-city dance schools in a metropolitan area. The dance schools will emphasize ballet, modern dance, Christian praise dance, and health and well-being activities.