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Robert Ferguson,
M.S., C.N.
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A recognized voice of weight loss through healthful living, wellness and nutrition expert Robert Ferguson is an established leader in the wellness community. As a motivational speaker and consultant, Mr. Ferguson helps the general public, celebrities and professional athletes achieve their best bodies, increase energy, improve fitness performance and lose weight. His acclaimed Web site, www.dietfreelife.comhelps his clients stay up to date with the newest and latest information that supports a diet-free life.

Author of onquering the Munchie Monster, coauthor of Fat That Doesn't Come Back and consultant to destination spas, corporations and health clubs; Mr. Ferguson has been featured on radio; in magazines such as Star, Esquire, and Women's World; and on TV programs, including "Access Hollywood," "CNN Headline News," "Good Morning America," and "FOX® Network" and BBC Worldwide. He recently starred in the British version of "Extreme Makeover"; and has trained superstars such as two-time World Boxing Champion Fernando Vargas; "Million Dollar Baby" star and four-time World Champion Lucia Rijker; and DreamWorks' "Contenders" Champion Sergio Mora, Steve Forbes, Alfonso Gomez, and Freddy Curiel. He also is the nutrition and conditioning coach for top-ranked boxing heavyweight Samuel Peter.

Mr. Ferguson is a doctoral candidate in sports psychology at the Optimal Performance University, Sunnyvale, California. He holds an advanced personal training certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Sherman Oaks, California; and received his certification in performance nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Association, Santa Barbara, California.