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'The Three Doctors' - Sampson Davis, M.D., Rameck Hunt, M.D. and George Jenkins, D.M.D. - Newark, New Jersey
While attending University High School in Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Sampson Davis, Dr. Rameck Hunt and Dr. George Jenkins bonded and shared their vision to stay together, attend college and become doctors. The three attended and received their B.S. degrees from Seton Hall University's Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dental Plus program, a curriculum designed to encourage minority students to follow careers in medicine. They became their own support system, studying and socializing almost exclusively with one another.

More than 13 years later, Drs. Davis, Hunt and Jenkins are proudly working to help their communities, while inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. They have published two New York Times best-selling books (We Beat the Street and The Pact); established a company (The Three Doctors, Inc., and a foundation (The Three Doctors Foundation,; and organized programs that focus on health, education, leadership and mentoring. Oprah Winfrey has named them "the premier role models of the world."

Dr. Sampson Davis is a board-certified emergency medicine physician at East Orange General Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. He is a consultant for the Violence Prevention Institute, which focuses on gang awareness and preventative medicine in Essex County, New Jersey. He received his M.D. from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He completed his residency in emergency medicine at the same hospital at which he was born, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Rameck Hunt is a board-certified internist and medical director at St. Peter's University Hospital's How Lane Adult Family Health Center. He also serves as clinical assistant professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He received his M.D. from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Dr. George Jenkins is faculty member of community health at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Inspired to pursue dentistry through childhood visits to his family dentist, he received his D.M.D. from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

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