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Dexter L. Campinha-Bacote, M.D. - Cincinnati, Ohio
As medical director at Aetna's Cincinnati, Ohio, office, Dr. Dexter L. Campinha-Bacote oversees patient management, network support and quality-of-care activities for Aetna's managed care networks in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. He is chairman of Aetna's North Central Region Quality Advisor and Physician Appeals Committees, and is medical liaison to the Ohio State Medical Association.

Dr. Campinha-Bacote received his B.A. from Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences, and his M.D. from Brown University's School of Medicine. He completed his internship in family medicine at Duke University Medical Center, his externship in high-risk obstetrics from Baylor College of Medicine and his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia Medical Center. He has participated in post-residency leadership education programs at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, and at Xavier University's Center for Management and Professional Development.

A board-certified family physician, a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Campinha-Bacote has led managed care initiatives that help to empower patients by equipping them with tools and information to better make informed health care decisions; developed physician tools for migraine diagnosis and treatment; and coordinated training programs to help health care professionals recognize, treat and refer patients with depression. His presentations on migraine headaches; workplace depression/mental health; and culturally competent health care delivery have been used in public service video, radio and audio cassette programs.

Prior to joining Aetna in 2000, Dr. Campinha-Bacote served as medical director for United Healthcare of Ohio Inc., Cincinnati; for Wright Health Associates Inc., Dayton; and for MetLife Health Network of Ohio, Inc., Cincinnati.

Dr. Campinha-Bacote's clinical experience includes positions as family physician at the University of Wyoming (Ohio) Family Practice Center; medical director for Cincinnati's Hillcrest School (a residential treatment facility for delinquent adolescents); and family physician for the Bertie County, North Carolina, Rural Health Association.

Dr. Campinha-Bacote's teaching experience includes positions as assistant professor, department of family medicine, East Carolina State University; community preceptor at Duke University School of Medicine's Department of Family Medicine; and assistant professor and director of the colposcopy clinic, University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

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