Get Active Aetna.


Five years ago, we started our wellness journey and launched a program called
Get Active Aetna.

Since that time, we've walked and run many miles together.
And we've logged many, healthy eating and exercise points.
We've also won great prizes!
As individuals and as teams, we've worked hard. And had fun.
And celebrated many successes along the way.

Look at these employees' accomplishments!
You can be successful, too. And we can help each other.
Take the first step. You have to start somewhere.
Why not do it with your colleagues and thousands of others by your side…
….sharing their experiences…. …and cheering you on.

We're in it together.
So, join in.
Be inspired.
Get motivated.
Feel good.
And most of all… HAVE FUN!
Register for Get Active Aetna on the Working at Aetna site today.