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App for Androidâ„¢ Is Here

The Aetna Mobile App goes a step beyond the mobile web to offer convenience and personalized features.

Android showing Aetna Mobile App

We've just added an app for Android-powered phones for Aetna members. Just like our iPhone® app, it's free.*

Our most popular online features go where you go. Use the Aetna Mobile app to:

Find a doctor, dentist or facility

Search for a doctor or facility in Aetna's network by location, name or specialty. This makes it quick and easy to get a phone number or find a doctor near you.

Urgent Care Finder

Find urgent care centers and walk-in clinics without even logging in at home or at work, while traveling for vacation or business. A map provides turn­-by­-turn directions.

Look up claims

Want to look up a claim while you’re in the grocery store line?  You can see the status of your most recent medical, dental and pharmacy claims. No waiting until you can get to your computer. You can also search for a claim by member name or date.

Check coverage and benefits

View your plan's deductible and coinsurance information, including limits, amounts applied to date and balances. You can also view Flexible Spending account balances.

View your member ID information

View your medical and dental ID card information. This is handy if you don't have your card with you at the doctor's office.

View your personal health record

If you have a personal health record, you'll see your Alerts & Reminders, Emergency Information, Medications, and Tests & Procedures tabs. You'll have important details about your health history at your fingertips.** You can also give permission to share your personal health record with a health care professional or another adult member of your health plan.

Disability/Absence from Work

Aetna Mobile is now fully integrated with the WorkAbility® system.  For those who have Aetna Disability products, you can now review the status of your existing claims or leaves, view benefit payments issued on your disability claims and contact Aetna using a mobile device with questions on your claims or leaves.

You must be registered on Aetna Navigator to use the apps or mobile web.

Contact us by phone or e-mail

If you need to contact Aetna, you can send an e-mail from your phone. You can also get in touch with us using the phone numbers or mailing addresses provided.

Download the app now

The Aetna app is compatible with the all Android 2.0+ OS phones.  This includes HTC Models (Hero, Magic, Dream, Evo, etc.), Motorola Models (Droid, Droid X, etc.), and Acer Models.

Please note: If you log in to the mobile app and can only see the Find a Doctor feature, it may be time to confirm or update your profile information on the secure member website. (If you are not prompted to confirm or update your profile, please contact Member Services for further assistance.) Once your profile is validated, log in to the app again. You will then be able to access your personal information, such as claims and member ID cards. 

You must always sign in with your User Name and Password to access the features in this app. Without that information, no one can reach your personal data. It is safe.

*Standard text messaging and other rates from your wireless carrier still apply.
**This feature is only available to those with access to the personal health record.
***This feature is only available to those with Aetna pharmacy benefits.

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