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Aetna is committed to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by developing a World Class Supplier Diversity Program focused on increasing purchasing and business relationships with certified minority, women, LGBT and small business suppliers.

Message from Joseph Black, Chief Procurement Officer

As Aetna’s Chief Procurement Officer, one of my responsibilities is to be certain we have the right people, processes and technology to deliver Aetna supply management services. Supplier Diversity is an important component of the Aetna business strategy. Through Procurement, we work to integrate Supplier Diversity processes into how our company purchases goods and services.

The ability to effectively attract and engage minority-owned, women-owned, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-owned and small businesses suppliers is critical for successfully achieving our goals. We make every effort to be inclusive in all of our sourcing activities. While we appreciate the level of success we have achieved to date, we are driven by a set of beliefs that hold continued improvement and excellence as central tenets. As such, we have recently implemented measures to attain a World Class Supplier Diversity Program.

We value the strong, collaborative relationships we have developed with our suppliers. We seek to leverage Supplier Diversity in order to better understand our multicultural markets, improve our high-quality products and services and create a stronger more vital company.

Contact Information

Please direct all supplier diversity related questions, concerns, or comments to:

Supplier Diversity Program
Aetna Inc.
151 Farmington Avenue, RT32
Hartford, CT 06156
Phone: 860-273-1000
Fax: 860-273-7232

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