Employee resource groups

Aetna values and respects the strengths and differences among our employees, customers and communities. Because our consumers, suppliers and strategic partners are more diverse today than ever before, we must be positioned to understand and create tailored solutions to meet their needs. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in supporting and sustaining this effort.

Aetna's ERGs were established to provide a mutually beneficial relationship for our company and our employees. Open to all employees, the ERGs contribute to an inclusive environment by providing opportunities for employees to share their experiences and expertise; partner with and give back to their communities; network with senior management; and learn career-building skills. In addition, they help Aetna meet its business objectives by providing guidance for creating effective products, services, advertising and information.

Aetna's ERGs are:

  • Aetna African American Employee Resource Group
  • Aetna Hispanic Employee Resource Group
  • Aetna Native-American Employee Resource Group
  • Aetna Employee Resource Group of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees
  • Aetna Women's Employee Resource Group
  • Aetna Working Mothers' Employee Resource Group
  • AetnAbilities Employee Resource Group
  • Asian-American Employee Resource Group
  • Boomers Employee Resource Group
  • Caregivers Employee Resource Group
  • Telework Community Employee Resource Group

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