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We care about the health of the people in our communities.  We champion local efforts that make a positive difference in the lives of others, form long-term partnerships and make the most of Aetna’s investment dollars.

The Aetna Community Relations and Urban Marketing staff works hard every day to connect to the people we serve and support the communities where our customers and their families, live and work.

What's new

Aetna was named to The Civic 50, ranking fourth.  This is "the first comprehensive ranking of S&P 500 companies that best use their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business." A testament that the work Aetna employees do every day does make a difference.

Who we are and how we help
Working locally for the greater good

See what our employees are doing to make a difference.

Creating memorable Aetna experiences

Find out how we’re making positive impressions at home and across the country.

Reaching people where they are

See how we help the unique needs of people in their own communities.

Community corner

Aetna employees are hard at work volunteering in their local communities and supporting important outreach initiatives country-wide. We currently have 54 active Aetna Volunteer Councils in 46 cities, representing 6,000 Aetna employees as well as countless national partnerships. We are well on our way to exceed the 339,000 volunteer hours our employees served in 2011 and reaching new populations every day.

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Community News 2013 Issue 1  (PDF, 371 KB)

Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform
We explain the changes under the health care reform law, to improve health access, and the work that still needs to be done.