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Brian G.

Job title: Sales Support Manager

Years at Aetna: 7

Total work experience: 7

Hobbies: Surfing, snowboarding and running. Serving as member of a mountain rescue team.

Enjoys working at Aetna because:
“Our people are the best. If you don’t have a good work environment, you’re not going to enjoy it – and you’re not going to do as well as you can. At Aetna, we’re fortunate to have many opportunities to advance our careers and better our skills.”

 Brian G.

Much of my work centers on project meetings and strategy planning sessions. We’re constantly looking for the best way to position our sales proposals so that we can win more new business. When I’m working, I like to keep in mind some advice from our CEO, Ron Williams, who urged us to always assume positive intent. That approach works well for me, because I’m involved with so many people every day. I have to stay focused on the positive so that we can keep our business moving along.

For me, and for Aetna, the customer is at the center of everything we do. But the customer is always changing – and we have to change too. My work with a local search and rescue unit helps me to develop more flexibility in my professional career. On the one hand, I contribute technology skills I’ve learned at Aetna. And then I learn other skills from search and rescue that will help me at Aetna. I like to think of it as another form of cross-training.

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