Marketing, Product and Communications (MP&C)

Marketing, Product and Communications, is a combined group that includes the Marketing, Brand Advertising, Product, Member Experience, Communications and Community Relations functions as well as the Aetna Foundation.

We are focused on delivering measurable business results to our clients through a full range of consulting and communications disciplines. Our integrated and holistic approach to marketing, communications and community relations provides a unique opportunity to strengthen connections between several areas critical to shaping Aetna's external image and reputation.

Drawing on our diverse backgrounds and years of experience, our highly skilled and committed team works collaboratively to help Aetna and its various businesses achieve their goals and objectives, both internally and externally. We take pride in our ability to integrate and influence communications across a broad array of key constituents, including customers, providers, employees, brokers/consultants, the media and public policymakers.

Early Career Development Program

We are proud of the Development Programs offered in MP&C as they help to create a rewarding and productive environment with the highest level of talent.  Our programs provide opportunities for employees to network, expand professional experiences into new business areas, build a strong foundation of Marketing, Product and Communication knowledge, access a variety of training classes and participate in cross-functional initiatives. 

During the program individuals will build a strong foundational understanding of the many roles and responsibilities within MP&C. 

You may have assignments in the following disciplines:

  • Project management/coordination
  • Communication specialties
  • Product support
  • Marketing campaigns

As you progress in the program, together we will help you identify your strengths and areas of highest interest.  You will be ready to focus on a professional discipline within MP&C that matches you the best - that could be a communications role, a product role or a marketing role.

What's required?

  • Bachelors degree in communications, marketing or business
  • Long-term career goals in marketing, product or communication profession within Aetna
  • Proficient in MS Office 2010
  • Previous intern/co-op work experience or equivalent experience in professional field
  • Demonstrated strong communication, analytical, team, interpersonal and problem-solving skills
  • Candidates need to be self-starters, take initiative, look for opportunities in all assignments and be able to work towards goals rather than complete assigned tasks

How to apply 

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Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.
Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.