Actuarial Student Training Program


Our Actuarial Student Training Program gives you the experience, training and support you need to become a future financial leader at Aetna. The program offers a challenging and supportive environment.

Actuaries are considered the financial engineers. They lead the way in managing risk. They lay the foundation for long-term success by designing and pricing new products. And they make sure today’s products and future obligations are financially sound.

What's required 

  • 3.0 GPA or above is desired, with a concentration in actuarial science, mathematics, statistics or economics
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully complete actuarial exams 
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking and communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and initiative

Actuarial Student Training Program 

We offer a strong management development component with targeted rotational assignments. The program is managed by a formal Student Committee. Student Program benefits include:

  • Challenging interdepartmental rotations ranging from 12 to 18 months
  • On-demand, online training opportunities
  • Periodic in-person training sessions and networking opportunities
  • Company-sponsored study time
  • Paid review courses and study materials 
  • Paid exam fees and professional society dues
  • Onsite actuarial libraries and study rooms

Automatic salary increases upon successful completion of each exam and upon completion of Associate of Society of Actuaries status. Other economic rewards for eligible candidates also are available, including performance and promotional increases and bonus programs.

How to apply

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Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.
Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.