Transcript: Group School Video-2


What do you value most about your career and the leadership at Aetna?

TEJU OWOYE: - Tape 2, Part 1
I think that the leaders at Aetna positioned us well to take on the future of health care and, um, you know, they put forth products and solutions, and promote things that our nation needs. And, I feel really passionate about what they do and I think that they’re doing a good job at making sure that they have a clear pulse on the industry, and, and also the nation as a whole.

I think what I value most about my career is that, um, you know, I have people here at Aetna who have taken an active interest in me and want to see me succeed. Ah, Aetna is a very broad-based enterprise and there really is the opportunity for someone who's new to come into a job, ah, put a lot of effort into it, but really it's up to them of what they want to make of their career. Ah, we're an organization where there's certainly the opportunity to move from business segment to business segment, and I think for someone like myself early on it's important that I get exposure to all the different facets of how we do business as an organization, so that's something that I very, very much value. As far as what I value from our senior leadership, I think we're a business that really embraces transparency. Ah, I, as an individual, know what our organizational goals are, and how my job fits into that.

LATIA RASPBERRY: – Tape 1, Part 1
What I value most is, it is a career and not a job. I know a lot of people right now that they’re in a job and they’re looking to get out, whereas I’m in a place where I see myself being able to grow and stick around for a really long time, so I value that, the longevity of the career.
Aetna’s leadership is top notch. They are leading the company in a good direction. They’re really showing the rest of the country how good Aetna’s doing with the health care reform. Um, they make you want to be a better leader and, and to step up to the plate, so Aetna’s leadership is doing great job.

THULANI LE GRIER: – Tape 1, Part 1
Well, I think the world of the leadership at Aetna. I think that the work that has been done to really not only turn Aetna around from a company that at one point was losing a million dollars a day, but to an industry-preferred, industry-leading organization that’s ranking number 1 in Fortune, and all of these different ah, organizations, in terms of what they view to be important in this industry. I think that, you know, just the example that’s set in terms of the body, the embodiment of the values, and ah, the work being done with legislators to be a part of the solution here in health care reform just really demonstrates that there’s a true and genuine commitment to the work that we do every day in the business that we’re in and the commitment that we’ve made to people to make sure that they’re covered and can get access to quality health care.

MICHELLE COPPOLA: - Tape 1, Part 2
I value the fact that on a day-to-day basis I have creative control, I have the ability to work with a variety of different clients as well as people within the organization, and I enjoy the fact that every day is different.
I think the leadership is strong at Aetna and I think that there’s consistent messaging and support for the employees that work here and I think that there’s great communication with our objectives as an organization and how each employee is contributing to those objectives, and I think that Ron Williams does a great job making sure that everybody is up to speed on health care reform and the other things that are happening in our environment.

TIM BROWN: - Tape 1, Part 2
value the ability, you know, I value the work that I get to do every single day, so, I’d say not just the stress level that comes with it, but the ability to wake up every morning and know I’m going to have a new set of challenges. I think that’s something that a career at Aetna provides every single day, so it’s not like you’re walking in, in the beginning of the day saying, “What am I going to do today?” I know every single day I have a certain number of goals and challenges I want to hit.

CHRIS CALDERONE: - Tape 1, Part 2
Honestly, the skills that I’ve learned throughout the last two years are probably what I value most. That knowledge base that I’m building up, the ability to start doing presentations in front of hundreds of people, um, is really what I’ve come to value the most.