Interview Tips


The in-person interview is your time to show us what you can offer. To present your best self, review the following interview basics.

Dress to impress. The Aetna dress code can vary by department. Some areas require a more professional appearance, while others are OK with casual attire. For the interview, it's best to err on the conservative side. Be sure you look neat and clean.

Be on your best behavior. Basic manners can have a big impact on a job interview. Sit up straight and make eye contact; both will make you look and feel confident. Be gracious and polite during the interview process. Stay positive: Upbeat energy makes a good impression.

Know what we do and how you would fit in. Research the health insurance industry and know what we are doing in that space. Good sources include news sites, business publications and Learn how the job you want fits into Aetna’s big picture.

Understand our values. Aetna’s values are at the center of everything we do. Check out our value wheel and take a few minutes to think about what these values mean.

Prove yourself. Know the competencies needed for the job and be ready to describe how your qualifications and experiences apply.  Remember to cite examples.

Ask questions. Ask questions about us and the job for which you are applying. This shows you are interested, and allows you to make informed decisions about your career.

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Save the Date
Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.
Check out our calendar of events to see when we’ll be recruiting in your area.