2011 Annual Report: Uncommon Connections to Good Health

We are connecting consumers, physicians and the health care system as never before. Starting with our expertise in health benefits solutions and health information technology, we have added important new relationships, new technology solutions and new capabilities. With platforms and tools like iNexx® and iTriage®, we are giving consumers personalized tools to help them manage their own health. We also are helping physicians and hospitals build new bridges to the health care model of the future. We believe our path will lead to better health care systems in the U.S. and around the globe.

Aetna provides people with the connections they need to access the right care at the right time. We believe our solutions and capabilities provide greater efficiency, speed and effectiveness of care for our members. With the right connections, we are expanding the range of solutions we offer to help people address their health issues and lower total effective costs for our customers.

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Consumers Our long-standing commitment to help people achieve their health care goals has not changed over the years, but the way we deliver on this undertaking is evolving rapidly. Aetna’s use of technology is creating entirely new connections to better coordinate care and improve the health care experience. We are making health care easier to understand and use to help consumers navigate and personalize the health care experience.

More about Connections

  • We are helping millions of consumers connect fragmented health care information with our enhanced iTriage® App.
  • Our Payment Estimator helps members cut through the financial complexity of health care and make decisions.
  • Launched in 2011, a special texting program helps members with diabetes to more easily and successfully control their condition.
  • In collaboration with Mindbloom, we offer members access to an online social game – a unique blend of technology, art and behavioral psychology – to engage people in achieving personal health and wellness goals.
  • We are making health and wellness programs easier than ever for college students to access through a range of social media channels.
  • More than 2 million members are using Aetna’s online Personal Health Record to track and improve their health through care alerts and personalized health action plans.
  • Our online virtual assistantAnn” provides members with personalized guidance to their health benefits information and has had more than 5.5 million “chats” with members.
  • We are removing personal barriers to healthful actions. For example, Aetna Rx Healthy Outcomes eliminates copays for targeted prescription drugs to help members take medications proven to help avoid second heart attacks.

With iTriage®, you'll find possible causes, treatments, and nearby medical help for a number of symptoms. The app also stores health records.

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Payment Estimator

Learn more at the: Member Payment Estimator site

Texting Program

Aetna’s special texting program can help members with diabetes more easily and successfully control their condition and avoid complications.

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Aetna members now have access to an online social game to help generate engagement in personal wellness.

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Aetna Social

Aetna is making health and wellness easier to understand for college students with a range of social media channels.

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Personal Health Record

Learn more at the: Personal Health Record showcase


Learn more about Aetna’s Virtual Assistant: “Ann

Aetna Rx Healthy Outcomes

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Technologies We are breaking down barriers, forging collaborative relationships, and using innovative technologies that engage consumers and support health care professionals. We are building, or acquiring, new capabilities that make it easier for consumers and their physicians to engage and interact. These capabilities make it possible to put meaningful health care information into action faster than ever. Separately, these assets are powerful. Together, they are transformational.

More about Connections

  • Our enhanced iTriage® mobile application, named one of the “10 Apps That Could Save Your Life” by Parade magazine in 2011, provides consumers with reliable health data on their smartphones.
  • New Blue Button® technology enhances the value of our Personal Health Record by allowing consumers to download their health information into a simple text file that can be shared with physicians, caregivers or family members.
  • Medicity®, our leading health information exchange business, enables health data to be securely accessed and shared.
  • iNexx®, a free, downloadable data exchange and application platform, makes it possible for physicians to set up their own secure collaboration network with other providers, and download and install the apps they need to fill functionality gaps.

With iTriage, you'll find possible causes, treatments, and nearby medical help for a number of symptoms. The app also stores health records.

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Blue Button

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With iNexx®, physicians and staff can choose only the specific apps they really need and want – apps from different software vendors that operate together seamlessly.

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Providers Aetna is helping to lead the health care system toward a new collaborative approach that makes possible new levels of connectedness between consumers, health care providers and health plans. We are making it easier for providers to interact with us and improve the quality of their patients’ health care experience. Empowered in new ways, physicians can then make more informed decisions that result in better outcomes.

More about Connections

  • We formed a dedicated business unit to help provider organizations establish themselves as Accountable Care Organizations. We are using the lessons learned from our early involvement to improve the ACO model.
  • We launched a national Patient-Centered Medical Home program that rewards primary care physicians for improved patient care coordination.
  • With our patented CareEngine® system, we provide clinical decision support that finds gaps in care and alerts attending physicians, resulting in better quality care. And our Active Care TeamSM makes it easy for physicians to track, coordinate and monitor the care of their patients across different care settings.
  • Supported by NaviNet Mobile Connect, we launched new mobile health care tools for doctors in 2011 that quickly alert them to opportunities to improve care and e-prescribe.
  • Aetna placed first among national health plans in the 2011 PayerView® rankings for simplicity and efficiency of its business transactions processes.
  • INexx®, a free, downloadable data exchange and application platform, allows health care providers to select and run health applications specifically tailored to their practice.
Medical Home

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Care Engine

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Active Care Team

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NaviNet has the tools needed to help physician practices manage patients efficiently and effectively while improving patient satisfaction.

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Payer View

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With iNexx®, physicians and staff can choose only the specific apps they really need and want – apps from different software vendors that operate together seamlessly.

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