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Paul Solliday, Nurse Case Manager :

I’m Paul Solliday. I’m one of the more than 3,000 nurses who work at Aetna. I’m a teacher at heart, and I love my job because every day I get to educate people about how to get well and stay well. It’s not something folks might expect from a health insurance company, but it’s one more way Aetna is building trusting relationships with those we serve. Find out more about Who We Help and how we do it in this section.

Aetna 2009 Annual Report - creating value, shaping the future Who We Are Title

Having more than 36 million people depend on you is a big responsibility. That’s why we work – every day – to help members and customers get the most value for their health care dollar. For members, we leverage information and technology to improve the quality of their health care decisions, and to innovate in ways that simplify their lives.

Our clinical programs are a tangible example of how we create value. By making connections and eliminating hassles for members, we are helping them meet their immediate health care needs. But we also strive to educate and help improve health literacy so our members can maintain good health. In taking these extra steps to make connections, we build trusting, value-added relationships.

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