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Nohemi Lopez, Southeast Region Community Relations Director :

I’m Nohemi Lopez. As a regional Community Relations Director, I work every day to bring Aetna’s values to life in the community. We help support organizations and initiatives that improve people’s lives in areas like wellness and health literacy, as well as culture and the arts. Aetna is proud to be an active and positive member of the communities where we work and live. Find out how our efforts are making a real difference in this section.

Aetna 2009 Annual Report - creating value, shaping the future Who We Are Title

When individuals and employers choose Aetna, they become part of a company founded nearly 160 years ago and that today is firmly rooted in a value system centered on the customer. Our core beliefs are focused on excellence and accountability, quality service and value, integrity, and employee engagement. We take these attributes seriously because we protect the health and financial security of 36.1 million unique members. These attributes challenge us to act responsibly and with integrity as we work to make a difference for those we serve. They are deeply embedded in our culture, helping to keep the focus on the people who use our services; and they inspire a high standard of excellence that our 34,000 employees strive to meet or exceed every day.

We are committed to providing high-quality service and finding ways to innovate to help our customers. At Aetna, we also know that true leaders have a responsibility to make a lasting difference. That’s why we have a strong, sustained commitment to corporate responsibility. It means that we are working hard to improve health care access and affordability through public policy solutions, improving the quality of communities across the country through philanthropy, and achieving sustainability through environmentally responsible operations and practices.

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