Creating value, shaping the future   - Transcript

Thulani LeGrier, Chief of Staff, Head of Medicare :

Hi, I’m Thulani LeGrier. My department serves the needs of Medicare members, local employers and individual consumers. We work to help ordinary people like small business owners and seniors get health care coverage that protects both their health and their financial well-being.

I’m proud to present our 2009 Annual Report. This site is filled with stories that show you how Aetna is creating value and shaping the future. You’ll hear from the brokers who sell our products, the doctors who take care of our members, and even our members themselves, including Mrs. Shirley Smith, who is an Aetna Medicare Advantage member. You’ll find out how we’re taking an active role in the community. And you’ll discover how Aetna is using more than a century and a half of experience to shape the next generation of health care.

So, check us out!

Aetna 2009 Annual Report - creating value, shaping the future Chairman's Message Title

As one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies, we help millions of people manage one of the most important things they possess – their health. Our success in helping our members and employers is rooted in our ability to create value for those we serve, both now and in the future. And we achieve that every day through the relationships we forge, the products and services we offer, and the technologies we develop.

Supported by the values we hold, our goal is to help our constituents meet the challenges they face in navigating a complex health care system. Through technological tools, we educate. Through quality service, we solve problems. Through case management, we make connections. The 34,000 talented professionals that Aetna employs are constantly setting the bar higher, anticipating customers’ needs and finding ways to meet our customers’ unique challenges.

We are determined to remain an industry leader, offering solutions that positively impact not just the customers we serve, but communities at large.

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