Helping employers achieve a healthy bottom line  - Transcript

Richard Moggio, M.D., Medical Director, L-3 Communications :

I’m a medical doctor. I trained as a cardiac surgeon.

L-3 Communications is a major systems and supplier for the U.S. Government, for the military and for commercial interests. We have about 65,000 employees, 5,000 of whom are international.

When I think of Aetna, I think of value; I think of innovation; I think of a business partnership that responds to us on a personal level.

When we decided to consolidate our disease management services, we chose ActiveHealth Management. For me, as a physician, looking at their medical platforms, this was an easy decision.

I think the CareEngine is one of the best examples of Aetna’s ability to drive change through innovation and technology. A sole source disease management program allows us to look at our entire company through one lens. We believe that the ActiveHealth Management program provides cutting-edge information, technology and medical background that provides a cost-effective solution to the improved health of our employees. The CareEngine and the Care Considerations have helped our employees directly manage their medications. It has also helped their physicians manage our employees. This has provided direct value to the corporation in terms of healthier employees who are more productive.

We are extremely happy with Aetna, particularly their specialty products.

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As a large employer, L-3 Communications wants to ensure they have healthy employees and a healthy bottom line. And Aetna is helping L-3 achieve this by offering disease management programs for its entire employee population through Aetna’s health management and data analytics arm, ActiveHealth Management.

Through the CareEngine® system, we are helping to improve care for millions of people nationwide while helping employers lower costs. Technology driven by our CareEngine looks at members’ claims and personal health records holistically, creating a complete member health profile. The CareEngine system constantly reviews member health data against more than 1,000 current evidence-based guidelines of care, and issues alerts called “Care Considerations” that help members and their physicians find opportunities for better care.

With the support of the CareEngine system, our disease management program provides ongoing support to members with complex chronic conditions. This program monitors an entire client population and focuses on the overall health of the individual member in a comprehensive manner. Our nurse case managers use unique tools to create customized care plans and guide their conversations with members. They also obtain and track additional information from members such as over-the-counter and herbal medications, diet, exercise, and allergies.

By interactively engaging the physician, member and our nurse case manager in the care process, we are able to support the best health outcome for members; and achieve higher employee productivity and cost savings for employers. Read more about ways we help employers through the CareEngine system.

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