Driving for quality outcomes  - Transcript

Teri Ferguson, Senior Design Manager, The Dow Chemical Company :

Dow Chemical is very diversified. We have 214 manufacturing locations in 37 countries globally. We have 52,000 employees, and we have 22,000 in the United States.

Dow is committed to making sure that our employees are healthy. That’s an investment that Dow is willing to continue to make. To get to that end result, we use Aetna. Aetna’s tools and Aetna’s networks support all of that. I think of Aetna as being innovative, forward thinking, thinking outside the box – working with their customers on what we need in order to have healthy members.

Aetna creates value by maintaining and lowering our costs. Health information technology is – they’re a leader there. Integrated products. Improved productivity of our members – all helps the bottom line for Dow.

They’re really a partner, and they’ve got all the products, the tools and the support behind them to deliver what we need.

Aetna 2009 Annual Report - creating value, shaping the future Who We Help Section What We Do Title

Focusing on members in a holistic manner ensures that they get the right care at the right time and results in better quality outcomes. For many employers, health care benefits are a key part of their overarching business strategy, designed to help improve their employees’ health and productivity while lowering employees’ health risks and benefits costs. Aetna’s array of products, services, clinical support and online tools work together to help customers such as Dow Chemical achieve its multitiered approach that includes prevention, quality and effectiveness, health care system management, and advocacy.

Understanding that employers view health care as an investment in their workforce has led us to develop targeted programs, technologies and services. Our Aexcel® specialty performance network helps members make engaged, informed health care decisions while receiving efficient, quality care. Integrated health and wellness offerings provide members with personalized services. Technologies give members information so they can better understand how costs play into their health care. And our investments in the programs and services we offer are helping employers lower health care costs while their employees achieve better health outcomes.

We continue to innovate on behalf of our customers and members in an effort to drive quality outcomes and more efficient use of the health care system. Through our efforts, we are helping to shape the future of health care.

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