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Scott D. Hayworth, M.D., President and CEO, Mount Kisco Medical Group :

I’ve been an OB/GYN for approximately 25 years. The Mount Kisco Medical Group started approximately 64 years ago. Today, we have 210 physicians and roughly 250,000 patients. We have been providers for Aetna for approximately 15 years now.

Aetna provides value for my patients by ensuring that they have access to outstanding medical care with as few hassles as possible. We deal with a number of Aetna employees, and we find that they have really worked hard to try to do the right thing for patients.

We’ve found that information technology is key for providing outstanding care. Aetna sees eye to eye with us, investing in technology to be innovative, to change the way they do business. ActiveHealth is one of those tools that Aetna provides that enables doctors to keep up to date and ensures that patients are receiving cutting edge in the latest care.

Whenever we all take great care of patients, everyone wins. The patient wins, the doctor wins and Aetna wins.

Aetna 2009 Annual Report - creating value, shaping the future What We Do Section What We Do Title

Advancing health information technology provides members and their doctors with tools that empower them to make better health care decisions. Developing tools and resources to improve members’ understanding of their health care benefits, conditions, and potential treatments; and offering technologies that assist physicians in their care of patients have become key components of what we do every day. Since 2005, Aetna has invested more than $1.8 billion in tools and health information technology solutions toward these efforts.

For large medical practices such as Mount Kisco Medical Group, health information technology creates efficiencies and improves health care quality. Through the use of electronic medical records, its office is able to quickly and easily track patient records, tests and procedures. Aetna is working through health information exchanges to broaden the connectivity of systems like this one to ensure members’ health information is accessible when needed by medical professionals. And, through CareEngine® Care Considerations sent by our subsidiary ActiveHealth Management, Aetna is aiding physicians by comparing their patients’ health care data with evidence-based clinical rules to identify specific opportunities to improve health quality and patient care.

Investing in technologies that continue to make health care more effective and efficient is strategically important not just for Aetna, but for the benefit of our members and customers, and for the health care professionals with whom we work.

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